14 September 2007

Flickr Pro account

Flickr ID card

After transferring my photos from Yahoo!Photos to Flickr, Yahoo! upgraded my Flickr to the Pro account without any cost.

This Pro account is only valid for 3 months 'til 7th Dec, so until then I can enjoy all the benefits of Flickr pro~ :D

I've been wanted to have this Pro account because of all the photos I've uploaded to Flickr since 2005. Most of the pics I took at the school are uploaded to Flickr, also serving as another backup option.

The free account limits only 200 pics to be displayed to the public, whereas the rest of them are stored in the database but not visible. Pro account doesnt have this limit, so all my photos are coming back to me once again! :D

Anyway I'm seeking for a sponsor to extend my Flickr pro account for a year. Hah I know this pledge is a little lame, but credits will be given to the sponsor if there's kind & generous people out there.
It cost USD 24.95 for a year, or USD 47.99 for 2 years.
I think it is worth the money for the service they provide. I'm satisfied with Flickr's services, and I dont mind spend some money into it. :)

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