17 August 2007

Double Maths Test

Pure Maths is the 1st paper of our 2nd test. Hmm.... I'm glad that I know how to do almost every questions, except the tricky geometric progression question. Not so bad I guess, I got the feeling I'll do better than the previous test. :D

Now here comes the Applied Maths test. One day before the test I met with the lecturer Mr Yap, who told me it's not hard, but I've misinterpret him, things are the opposite of what he said.

For today's Applied Maths test, many of us did not as good as our 1st test, for sure. Many are confusing what the heck is going on with the questions, as we're given 2 sets of papers with almost similar questions, except that the figures had been altered a little, as a counter-measurement to prevent students from cheating in the test.
Mr Yap is an evil lecturer, he grins all the way through out the exam going on. He must be very satisfied to see his plans "torturing" us..... Crap!

Nevermind bout the test, after the last lesson, Bio practical, I head to the futsal court to play the last game before the holiday. It's a good game, though I'm exhausted after playing for 1 hour plus.

After the game, I drove Kok Yi and Chin Hao to BRJ to had my lunch(they ate their lunch already). Haha it's nice to relax abit, chit-chat with friends after all, we deserves the holiday! :D

Yeah.... now got 1 whole week to rest myself well, prepare a little bit for the upcoming 3 Science tests, which planned at the early Sept. GGz....

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