14 August 2007

College post again

This week Tues and Weds Chem and Applied Maths lecturer, Mr Low and Mr Yap both went for some sort of course, leaving us with lots of free times to kill for this two days. I wouldn't miss the oppoturnity to write this blog from the college's CIT lab, heh.

The coms at my house isn't that good for blogging. Main com is still "dead" and I've no time to send it to the tech shop. 1st substitute labtop is also down due to system failure. 2nd substitute com, lagging sometimes making me no mood to write anhything. Oh well.

Nevermind then, at least today I got 3 hours to kill thanks to Mr Low and Mr Yap, lol.

This week gonna have 2 Maths test, a little nervous, especially Applied Maths paper.
Probabilities can drive me crazy!! But after finishing most of the tutorials manage to understand some of the important concepts. I should have focus more on Pure Maths as the P Maths test is one day earlier than A Maths. For P Maths, refer notes and tutorials and I think I'll somehow get points from it.

Let's talk about what I've learn recently.

In Biology, we're almost done with Cell Division I, which talks about the normal cell division process of mitosis. Now we're learning bout abnormal cell division, which leads to cancer, one of the main cause of death worldwide(if not mistaken it's in the Top 3 according to Wikipedia). Life-threatening stuff, as most of us knew it already. It is an interesting topic to study about, how and why the normal cells can mutate to become killer cells, causing lots of troubles to individuals.
I for one, had a benign tumour(harmless) grow on by back shoulder, that's about 7 years ago I think. That time I know nothing bout cancer, only then later I realised that I'm lucky because it's a benign tumour. If it's a malignant tumour, I'm possible not be able to live in the lifestyle I'm enjoying now. Cancer is a very troublesome, yet every humanbeing has the risk of getting cancer, no matter in which stage of our life. According to studies, ageing people tend to get higher cancer risk though, due to weaker body immunity system that couldn't effectively wipe out mutated cells that later will form cancer/tumour.

For Physics, now we're working on Stress and Strain, something I only learn a little back in secondary school. It's related to springs or elastic objects, making use of the Hooke's Law and also Young's modulus. I haven't revise on this topic that much yet as it's not included in the Test 2. I still prefer the Forces and Works though, those calculating can be complicated but when you got the answer, it's really satisfying!

Chemistry, hmm.... now we're learning bout thermochemistry, something to do with heat change within the chemical reaction. The 2 important terms used in this chapter is EXOTHERMIC(release heat -ΔH, bond-breaking) and ENDOTHERMIC(absorb heat +ΔH, bond-forming). This is an important topic in Chemistry, because the later topics will need knowledge bout thermochemistry, so I should give this topic a little more attention, hmm....

I felt like nothing much to talk about the Maths, as the test is coming soon. Actually Applied Maths isn't too hard, just that it's tricky and misleading at times. For Pure Maths, more advance maths is taught from our previous Add Maths in secondary school. Now we're able to deal with polynomial functions, something we couldn't achieved when studying Add Maths.

Today happened to be one of my classmate, Chen Ping's(also my father's) birthday, hah. At first we decided to go outside to celebrate during the 3 hours breaktime, but in the end we went to the college's clubhouse cafe. It's more expensive than canteen 1 & 2, and the quality isn't that satisfying too.

Oh I think that I've left out GP. Used to be one of the subject I'm looking forward the most, but after the replacement of lecturer, started to dislike it. The actual idea for the subject is good, but the teacher just dunno how to present it. Before this we've Ms Lynn, which I think she's very good in handling GP, but now we've Mdm Kalaimathy, a disappointment to all of us. She's always late for our class, due to reasons she briefly talks about. She's like being busy all the time, affecting our GP classes. The way she taught is just like secondary school teachers, read from the text and do own thinkings. By comparing Ms Lynn and Mdm Kalaimathy's lessons, we'll be very active in Ms Lynn's class but very sleepy in Kalaimathy's class. This is the time I think that a subject that suppose to be fun is ruined by the lecturer. DISAPPOINTED!!

I've wrote quite alot this time, as I've so much free time to kill in the CIT lab hahaha. I've spent like 1 hour plus to write this post, now is 12.30pm already. Later got Bio tutorial at 1pm.

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