24 July 2007

Tomorrow is the Test

A little nervous now, tomorrow's my driving test. Just wish for the best that luck is with me.

Of all 3 basic tests, now I'm having problem in side-parking. Have to avoid crashing any poles or I'll be failed. The other 2 test, uphill driving and 3 point turn should be no problem.

As for on the road, as long as there isnt any unexpected circumstances I should be able to drive back to the centre without failing.

Then of course, I hope I'll pass for the 1st time for good and dont need to repeat the test. I never failed anything before in my life, well hopefully, heh.

1 comment:

  1. side-parking? not to worry, the actual test site is huge, no way u gonna hit any pole. Be cool, dude, trust yr instincts, just be slow & keep checking yr angles, don't rush....