16 July 2007

Intercontinental Football Cup

Although the European football seasons are still preparing for the new season, in other parts of the world players still continue to play the game, making the game literally non-stop for the entire year. Asia and South America are playing their continental cup, that is AFC Asian Cup and Copa America.

Most football fans got the news that Brazil had beaten their arch-rival Argentina 3-0 to regain the Copa America title, which is a little surprise to me. I've been supporting Brazil since 1998, but compare their recent form with Argentina many would say Argentine plays a better game.

Anyway the fact is shown clearly, 3-0 to trash Argentina proves that Brazil outclassed Argentina. So, congrats for the sambas and the lady luck isnt shining on Argentina's side this time, again.

Now back to the AFC Asian Cup. It's embarrassing for Malaysia's national team, being one of the host for this tournament, shamefully kicked out from the competition just after 2 matches, losing to China (5-1) and Uzbekistan (5-0) at HOME!! In a football match, losing a game more than 3 goals margin is consider humiliating, and yet the boys lost the game in front of home supporters.

For Malaysians, everyone would agree that our national football level had declined to a level where it's almost a nation's joke. Many local fans rather watch foreign football games than watching local football, no matter it's local clubs or the national team. The standard is so bad that some criticise them for playing the game below "amateur level", definitely not a compliment for the local football authority. It's not that we're not patriotic to support our national team, but there's no quality in the game, watching the game will be waste of time.

Until now most of the teams still left 1 more game to play. There's still no clear picture who'll be qualified for the next knock-out round, it is still a tight game. Favourites like South Korea, Japan and Australia arent performing that well, so there's possible teams to upsets the big names this time. Also, take note of those Middle East countries, as their quality is known to be more superior than the East Asian counterparts. I dont follow much Middle East football so I could not give my opinion on them.

P/S: Nike sponsored the official matchball for both tournaments. The Nike Mercurial Veloci.

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