16 July 2007

Driving Lesson

Perodua Kancil, the car I've been training for the lesson and for the test.

Today just completed 4th driving lesson, which means I have 1 more lesson to go before my driving test. My driving test is dated on next Wednesday, 25th of July. Friends who passed the test told me the test might take up to a whole day to finish off. If one is unfortunate enough to fail the test, he/she will have to resit the test again later. Well, I dont wanna resit the test, settle things off in 1 day is enough!

The driving test consist of 3 basic tests and 1 on-road test. 3 basic test includes uphill ride stopping at the marker, side-parking, and 3-point turn. So far I dont have much problem with side-parking and 3-point turn, except that I've to practise more on uphill ride.

The on-road test, I'll required to drive along the road near the driving-lesson center about 12km. Many people says that this is the part where you'll bribe the officer or they'll fail the test. I believe not all of them are bribe-lovers, some will go according to the rules and some might curi-tulang(slack off) abit. 'til now I dont really had a clear picture on what will be going on when I sit for my test, we'll see.

I've some friends who're taking the test this week so, wish them, Green Tea & Fish Ball best of luck and same goes to me next week!! ;)

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