05 June 2007

What's happening in this blog lately

Readers might found out that lately I've been posting a lot of stuffs related to football. Yeah, so many pics of boots or so, football fever struck again on me, hahah.

Last week for me to enjoy the holiday.... for the next 2 months I'll be dreaded by college studies. Yeah I'm looking forward for the college challenge! Btw the next holiday would take place sometime around mid August, 1 week before 50th National Day.

My com's old Samsung ComboDrive is playing a serious joke with me now. It's getting old and it doesnt follow my command as it use to be. Now when I want to place a CD in, the drive would just eject out the CD over and over again. I've tried possible thousand times to get the CD running but for heaven's sake it keep spill out the CD. I've acknowledge this problem for quite some time, it's a test of patience I guess, but this time It's over the limits. I've been trying to get the CD in for 2 and a half hours. So far the drive still would "eat in" the CD, duh!

Planning to get a replacement soon, possible another ComboDrive, external though(USB connectivity). Expected to burn around RM200~400, depending the model and brand. I just want a simple one to replace the current faulty old drive.....


  1. There is a hole near the lid of the drive..use a pin to manually take out the CD, no electricity needed.

  2. Yo WC... the prob is the drive wont eat in the CD, I've no prob ejecting the CD, just that it doesnt work. :S
    Anyway got myself a new replacement. ^_^