06 June 2007

Enter, DVD Burner

After the frustrating 2.5 hours trying to feed the old Combo Drive with CD, I've finally give up. I set my target on the replacement, an external CD-rom then.

My ideal external drive is a combodrive(CDRW + DVD), but in the end I bought this.... Imation DVD+-R DL External Burner.

Cost RM 270, have to thanks my father for paying it! :D
First look, this external player looks rather bulkier than I expected. It's length is almost two times an internal CD-rom would look like, and it's a little heavier than I expected too. Anyhow it's still can be considered as flexible, for it's mobility.
I choose external is because if I eventually will change a com I still can use it as a secondary drive.

So far I'm impressed and satisfied by the performance, hope it can last long though. Yay for me for able to burn DVDs from now on!! Heh. :)

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