14 June 2007

The Late Lecturer

Dunno what's going on with our Physics lecturer, who seems to be missing out of sight from everyone. It's funny you know, yesterday after lunchbreak suppose to have her lecture class but she didnt turn out in the lecture hall, leaving 3 classes waiting inside there doing nothing except chatting. Earlier morning I still have her tutorial class, which she questioned me why I'm late.

Oh well..... anyway I hope today's Phyz practical is canceled too!! If this is true then I can go back as earlier as 1230pm today! Hahaha!!
I might wanted to attend lectures and tutorials, but I'm not so keen to go into the lab unless we're having experiment to do. :P

Oh btw I'm writting this from college's computer lab. Thanks to the cancelation of Phyz lecture, so got more time to "feed" computer. Heh.

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