12 June 2007

Back to TARC

Well, currently writing this from TARC ICT lab. This morning's Physics lecture class are canceled because the lecterur will be the supervisor for senior A Level's practical exams. Anyway we'll have to replace the class again maybe this week or next week.

Yesterday the journey to the college wasnt that good, because we somehow stuck in a traffic jam at Jln Genting Klang, it's just a 3.5km distance but we took bout 30 mins to reach there. Was late 15 mins for the Chem lecture. Luckily Mr Low, just give briefings for us and only teach the final few minutes.

Bio and Physics lecturer is still the same Ms Chong and Ms Ong. Glad to have Ms Chong teaching, but too bad couldnt "get rid" of Ms Ong after all. :\

During lunchbreak, the canteen 2 is expected to ba crowded, so called "human jam". It's a nightmare....

Maths tutorials, then again the lecturers still remain the same, with Mr Yap teaching Applied Maths and Ms Ngow teaching Pure Maths. Oh well, really have to work hard to catch up with Maths now, starting to get the feeling that if I dont start working now I might get lost in the middle of nowhere.

GP lessons, to my surprise the lecturer, Mdm Kalaimathi reminds me of my Bio teacher back in secondary school, Mdm Premmah. They not only look alike, but the way they teach are almost the same too. Hah, I wonder are they siblings or relatives? LOL....

I'm glad that most of my classes ended at 3pm. Can go back a little earlier, but have to sacrifice sleeping time as everyday my class starts sharp at 8am.

Today on the way to the college is still JAMMING all along Jln Genting Klang, and the jam slowly builds up at MRR2. We opt for the alternative Tmn Melati route and somehow it's still manage to get to the college. According to Yee Kai, he said mass amount of diploma students studying here somehow affected the traffic, as their numbers are few times more than PreU students. Oh well, I dunno how bad the traffic will continues. I'm planning to drive to college when I got my driving license and this kind of situation isnt that good for a newbie to drive, hahah. Well I guess it's a kind of training isnt it? To be able to drive in KL, you've to get use to stuck in the middle of traffic jam, hah.

That's all for now, I should be continue writing this using my own computer then. I like this ICT lab's keyboard lol.

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