14 May 2007

First Day at College

Spend the whole morning listen to briefings all the way! 8.15am briefing til 12.40am non-stop! Oh well I somehow still can coup with that.

I'm kinda interested to know more about those subjects, especially General Paper. I also taking the following subjects: Maths A, Chemistry, Biology & Physics.

Lunch break, met with some old friends from secondary and primary school. Yeah.... next week there's gonna be more friends coming in too!

Around 2pm headed to the library. I'm very impressed with the library's facility, a great place to study and also the hardwares they provide there. Real good stuff, and I might want to signup for their online database training stuff, which can be very useful for further studies once I can get the ID and password.

That's all about my 1st day in college life. I do feel tired today but I know days to come will be more tiring. Anyhow, tomorrow got another briefing bout student welfare and some ice-breaking games after lunch. I dunno what they gonna up to, we'll see. I will only start my class on Wednesday.

Since today still got sometime, I decided to head to Carrefour to deal with a music player I bought last week. For some reason I want refund. The player is not defective, but I dont think I need it for now so I want my money back. I have to walk there twice to settle some messes before I can get back the money.
Hmm.... next time I should be more careful when it comes to buying thing like this myself. Luckily this time I dont face any much trouble, just that it should be a reminder and warning for myself as sometimes I'm careless.

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