15 May 2007

2nd Day Orientation

Start of 2nd day in college. Before going to college this morning I've manage to goto bank to settle some business.

Got my class time-table, was sorted into SN8C class, with some of my friends also sorted into the same class too. Hahah somehow for this time I no longer have to be alone with strangers.

The briefing for today is about students welfare. Missed the beginning part of the video presentation as I'm lost in the campus. After that we started our orientation activities.

The aim for this orientation activities is to let new students to familiarise themselves in the campus, especially when going from block to block one might get lost. We do really need a map to bring ourselves to a specific place. I, myself went lost in the campus today and yesterday, so it's good to know the places now.

The orientation activities are mainly games for us, with some of our seniors or our friends who took A level earlier became the ushers to guide us playing all the games. Hahah poor thing if our team lose they'll have to had their face painted as a punishment. Anyhow I do think that it's rather amusing and entertaining.

I kinda enjoy all the games, got myself eaten a wasabi bread(no feeling at all, in fact I love the taste!), had to drink a cup of lychee + salt solution, and missed a penalty kick lol. Yeah it's fun, though it can be tiring too.

Anyway, tomorrow gonna start class already. 10am class starts, quite late isnt it? Haha this is the benefit of college life, you've some time to spare and dont really need to rush to the college early in the morning. The only price you've to pay is that the class will last til 4pm. I think it shouldnt be too much problem for me to get use to this time-table.

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