12 March 2007

What is my next step?

Yeah! It's good to see all the friends again back in school! This might be the last gathering for so many friends. It aint easy to have everyone came back together to share stories and crack out jokes. Because of this, I'm concern on myself and also friends.

Some friends scored very good result, while some not so good but at least satisfactory-positive. Those who just came back from NS told us bout their stories, some sharing their own stories as well from their working experience. Me? Just stand there stalk at people and listen to others. I dont talk too much this time, because still feeling disappointed.

I plan to have a cup of tea with friends, but later decided that I better goto TARC settle my collage stuff. Then again, one man show, going there all by myself. Had few conversation with the counsellors, decided that I should take GCE A level. All the fees is about RM 7k, not very cheap though, but compare to other famed colleges, this is the most affordable ones.

I'm aiming to get the A level, then get into a course related to Geography, Sociology, Anthropology or Humanities. 1st choice university is University of Western Australia.

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