12 March 2007

The party before dooms day

At first this party looks like a repeat of the party last Dec, after all of us finished SPM. Now this time the party is meant to celebrate with friends one day before we take the exam result.
Also, this party is also served as my birthday party as well. :P

I dunno why I didnt write about the previous party for last Dec, nevermind bout that. Unfortunate I didnt bring by camera, so no pics then. :\

Everytime when my classmates are having a gathering party, especially a BBQ, not many people turn out for the party. Perhaps they still have some sort of strangeness within ourselves even though we've been in the same class for 2 years.

Heh, of all my experience BBQing with friends, most of the time we've got the problem to deal with the fire. Yeah, sounds easy to lit up the fire and grill the food, but it's actually not that easy. Dunno why, we have to wait for bout an hour before we can start to grill the food. Oh and also, we're also prepared that the food we eat might not be fully-cooked, it may still be raw....

Received a birthday gift, a bracelet given by friends, hahaha thanks alot! By the way I dunno how to properly put on this ornament... LOL.

So now and then, tomorrow's going to be the day I will take the result. I dunno whether my prediction is true or not, at least 10 As? Heheh.... Wish me luck!

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