02 February 2007

Screw up iPod!!

Not much posting these few days, why? Continue reading below....

It's been days I've tried to figure out how to transfer songs from computer to iPod. I'm having a tough time to deal with it with iTunes, Apple's official software to sync songs to iPod. Now that iTunes doesnt update my iPod(which means doesnt transfer songs from com to iPod), and then later on screw up this nano gadget.

I've tried to look out for the solution on the Apple forum and Google, well I've basically tried most of the steps but in the end none of them work. I guess during the progress I've corrupted the iPod as well, but darn it iTunes couldnt restore the iPod back to it's factory default settings!! I really fed up with iTunes, and I doubt I will ever touch it until it's updated to fix that bug.

While I went through the forums, I noticed that most users are having a tough time dealing with iTunes even if they're using other iPods as well(iPod video, iPod shuffle etc). There must be a big loop hole lying withing the Apple's software itself.

So today I've tried two 3rd party softwares trying to sync songs to iPod, well both failed, saying that my iPod is corrupted. Arghh!!

Now what to do? I've spent days to figure out how to solve this problem and yet it's still bugging me so much. I just hope that when CLY come back this weekend, she could help me solve the problem.

SCREW YOU APPLE! You've disappointed me!! iPod cant load song = USELESS!

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