31 January 2007

To Do List

I'm home, back to KL!! :D

Lots of things I've to settle down before I can get back to my daily routines, making a list here to summarise what I need to do for the days to come....

  • Clean up computer harddisk space by deleting some games that I seldom play nowdays to fit in SimCity 4. :P
  • Transfer and organise all the medias from the Australia trip. Really have to take lots of times to do this.
  • Explore and learn how to make full use of iPod Nano, possibly with CLY, as I think this small gadget is too fragile for me to handle.

    I think there must be something else I need to do, but I just cant think of it right now, maybe I'll update here when I can think about it.

    Just after I get back from the airport, rest a little while and then went out again to attend Toh Wai's birthday party somewhere near Genting Klang. Nice party though, congratz for that "leng zai" finally reached 18 years old! Hahah....

    Very tired now, according to Perth's local time it's almost 1am now(though they're also using +8GMT system, but they've activated DayLightSaving system so the time is added by 1 hour for a period of time over Aus). I still suffering from jetlags, felt like floating up and down after 7 hours of flight. @_@

    OK I should take a rest now, will update something else for the time being.
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