21 February 2007

Back in KL!

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I've spend 3 fantastic days in Kedah. This year's CNY trip is worthwhile, because we've been to somewhere we havent went many years ago, and also experience new places.

Mmm.... lots of nice food, games and entertainments. Yeah, this is the spirit of CNY!

While in Kedah, we went to 2 temples to offer prayers on the 2nd day of CNY. We havent went to the temple for so many years because we usually only start travel to Kedah on the 2nd day of CNY. This time we've manage to join in other relatives to go there.

2nd day of CNY evening, had a family gathering at my grandparent's house. The old house comes back to life every CNY when everyone from the family came back, bringing the atmosphere of CNY celebration. And yea, firecrackers are setting off in the quiet small town, the essential CNY entertainment.

Before we return to KL, went to visit longan farm, owned by father's friend. Great place with delicious fruits. There's a cottage there and maybe next year we might stay in there, who knows? Heh.

The journey back to KL was a disastrous one. Stuck in some terrible traffic jams, making everyone in the car frustrated. Tried alternative route but it's still crowded too. In the end we traveled 7 hours to get back from Kedah to KL. Not a pleasant journey.

There's still some time before CNY ends on next Sunday. I might want to collect somemore angpow moneys to fill up my savings. :D

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