26 February 2007

8th day of CNY

Today is a busy day for the family. We've tight schedule over the entire day.

Had lunch at a family friend's house, around 12pm. Ate 'ying-yang' steamboat, 1 part for the original herbal soup and the other one for hot + spicy soup. Most of us prefer the hot spicy soup though. Another record-breaking streak for me, ate 3 chicken drumsticks after I've stuffed myself with lots of steamboats. Hahah nevermind bout it, I need the food and energy for the other event.

Bout an hour travel through KESAS highway, we finally arrived at the Jenjarom FGS Dong Zen Temple(东禅寺). It was a great experience to be there. Great sceneries, nice environment & I've learnt something from this trip. We stay at the temple for half a day.
The vegetarian dinner is probably one of the best vegetarian food I ever had!
Hahah, I'm looking forward to come back to the temple again! Gotta thanks all the FGS volunteers for guiding us for the tour!!

Later at night, went to father friend's house at Putrajaya. They serve fantastic food there, really nice. Mmm... sashimi, oyster, roast pork etc.... my favourite dishes, heh. 2nd round dinner, yeah!
At mid-night, they started to offer prayer for the Sky God(not sure is this the correct description, in chinese is 拜天公, a tradition followed closely by Hokkien Chinese).
Firecrackers ignited to disturb the quiet and peaceful environment around the residential area. Nevermind, once in a year would be no harm hahaha.
I drools for the Mercedes S 350, car-plated Putrajaya 18 parked in the garage, heh.

It's a meaningful day for me, really. We rarely have family outing like this for a long time. Anyhow, I just hope that the 2 cats risking their life on the road manage to survive, even though one of them maybe is sleeping forever on the road. RIP....

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