24 January 2007

A Spiritual Music to Share~

This piece of music is a Buddhist chant actually, but the way it performs sounds like a new age music rather than those usual Buddhist chants.
In Chinese this chant is called "大悲咒", a familiar chant among local Buddhist.

I think this chant is suitable to be recite at various occasions, as my first experience with this song was during a funeral ceremony of one of my relative, almost 8 years ago. Other than that, I've heard this chant being recited at some other Buddhism gathering occasions.

Please do not felt offended with this chant, as I'm not trying to preach anyone bout the religion. I'm just want to share one of the finest rhythm in Buddhism art that performed in new age music style.

Link (4 mins, 2MB)

Please enjoy this fine piece of music while I'm away in Australia. For the time being I've disabled the background music and replace it by this song. If you want to ask me what's this chant talks about, well I'm not pretty sure because I dont understand the language used in the song, Sanskrit I suppose.

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  1. nice to see that you like the compassionate heart dhrani