23 January 2007

Flight Details

Did some research on the flight I will be taking tomorrow night. This will be my first experience of boarding Singapore Airlines.

I'll be boarding the flight to Singapore at 9.45pm, gonna transit to Perth from there. The flight to Perth from Singapore will take 6 hours, thats about the duration from KL to Beijing. Expected to arrive at Perth airport at 7.15am local time(+8GMT, same time with Malaysia too).

For both flight, I'll be boarding Boeing 777-200 series. I'm taking economy class seats, so expected to have 3-3-3 seat configuration on board.

I've also surveyed the air meal that I expected to be served....

It is good to go through some of the details of the flight before go aboard. At least you're prepared what you'll be expected to happen during the journey. And yes, while traveling you've to be prepared for some unexpected circumstances as well.

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