09 January 2007

Robotic Routine

10am, wake up and prepare myself goto work.
10.40am, start walking to working place.

Punch card before 11am everyday, then start the day work. Either doing some paper work or computer typing.

1.30pm, lunch break. 'til now I havent eat a proper lunch during work because I do not want to pause my work. Usually settle lunch with bread.

4pm, clean up the mess I've made while working, after noting down the works I've done in a logbook, I'm off and walk back home, again. Usually took me 10~15 mins to reach home, depends on various conditions.

4.15pm reach home, boot up the computer. Check mails, blogs, MSN, some news sites and then run games on computer.

Pause awhile sometime from 7pm to 8pm for dinner. Later continue gaming til 12am or so. Sometimes I'll quit games and concentrate on the Net, like blogging or browse websites.
Seriously, I'm getting bored with all the games I had, but computer specs couldnt allow me to get better games.

Off to bed usually at 1am. I might spend the next 1 hour listening to mp3 though....

Well that's my life for now, repeating the same thing over and over again from Monday to Friday. Basically what I'm doing during weekends are just like the weekdays, except that I dont need to go for work. Spent most of the time playing computer though.

Gonna get out this kind of meaningless life real soon!! One of the reason why I'm kinda desperate at some cases.... I felt like I'm living in my own world, alone....

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