20 January 2007

Back to School

It wasnt a really pleasant journey for me, as I've to carry 2 heavy education directories book plus a whole bag of old textbooks back to school. Handed over the 2 edu directories to my friend, then head to the school.

First stop at Students Union room, where I spend some of my time hanging out here during my days in school. Not much changes, as the current committee members are busy working on the next election.

It's good to meet those teachers again. Now that I've returned to school with different identity, I'm no longer a student here, heh. Passed all my Geography books to Ms Lee and let her decide what she's gonna do with those books.

Then again, I regretted that I did not bring my camera along with me to school, there's something worth to take a pic after all. Walk around the school compound, things havent change much, except that less familiar faces in the school.
Noticed that school admin finally place 2 goal post at the backyard court after the football post infront of the field were taken down last year. Good for the juniors who can enjoy football at a better situation.

Today's the annual Co-curriculum Day, when all the clubs, societies and organisations are trying to lure younger juniors to join their respective affiliations. I've some pics and writings bout the activity, since 2005 and last year. This time I went back to school not to join them to lure students, but to observe how's things going on after the seniors left the school.

Of course, in occasion like this it's easy to meet up with some old friends. Some of the ex-chairperson of certain society turn out today, to see how's the current chairperson doing or so. Well we're just coming here to have some fun of being back to school. :)
Bump into our senior, Eugene the chairperson of Students Union for year 2004/2005, heh.

All of us, the seniors think that this year's presentations and plannings doesnt look as good as we've done last year. Personally I think that the quality of students in Chong Hwa are going downwards, as now it's hard to find a student who're capable of handling all the big events and maintaining a group of people.

I've chatted with those old friends. Some of them started to work, and some are preparing for college. Later we have a drink at the canteen talking on various stuffs with some juniors. Well I was about to leave but it's raining. It's just like the usual Friday I had last time, after playing football and prepare to go home, it started to rain, heh.

Today worked for 1.5 hours. Still have to finish up some Science notes though. Usually I'll take 1 to 3 days to finish up a chapter, depends on the length of the chapter.

Evening played football with double J brothers + a Malay friend. Nice 2on2 game, but it's very tiring game because need to use lots of energy to perform skills and dribbles. Anyway, it's still an enjoyable game. :)

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