22 January 2007

Arsenal 2-1 Man Utd

Last night watched the live game between the 2 top football clubs. It was a late game but I still stay awake to watch the game. Chelsea oust by Liverpool in the earlier game on Saturday, losing 2-0. Man Utd have 6 points advantage at that time.

Both Arsenal and Man Utd are applying attacking football style, with Arsenal playing with their usual smooth-passes across the field, and Man Utd deploying their smart flicks tactical football.
It's a pleasure to watch such quality games, and of course with the good defenses by both teams it's not easy to score an opener.

Rooney headed in the first goal for Man Utd, a nice try. But I knew that Arsenal will be fire up and will be playing in more aggressive matter to level the score. They did level the score, a nice shot by Van Persie sometime near 80th mins. 1-1, I thought this is still not a bad score, having a draw away from home. At least, Man Utd can salvage 1 point from the result.

What I feared the most happened, at the 90+4 mins before the stopage time, a cross from the right flank into the center headed into the goal by Henry, the Arsenal hitman. Heading isnt his best trick but this time he headed the ball into the net nicely. It's just few seconds before the refree blow the final whistle, Man Utd have no chance to fightback.

It's a great game though, although Man Utd lost in the end. If Man Utd can regain their form, I guess this time's title race will be more interesting then.

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