03 December 2006

SPM Sickness

SPM's coming near to the end, well lots of things have happened lately. One of the most common problem student faced is health problem.

Before this I did mention my friend Kian Meng was hospitalised due a throat infection, he's sitting for his first paper, Chinese in a VIP suite in the general hospital. So far I havent contact him, and I'm not sure whether he's discharged from the hospital or not, oh crap, what kind of friend I am? :S

In the classroom I sit for my exam. I occasionally heard coughing from behind, but I dunno who's sick because if I turn my head back, I'll be caught for cheating or so by the teacher in charge, which I dont want to happen in this exam.
Classmate Janice's suffering from dizziness and says she might puke anytime during the exam, what's more worse is, she doesnt have a spare plastic beg! Luckily she manage to settle it down swiftly.

You can see some students are wearing jacket, maybe they're cold, and maybe they're sick. It's important to keep your body in good shape during this period of time. You will only suffer more because you've to handle the stress of sickness and the stress of exam. Now this exam is important, so it makes thing more worse for some.

Another case, one of my pal Sun Hua. Many hold high regards on him to score well in this exam, but unfortunately he's suffering from an unknown viral disease(according to his MSN title, I dunno is this a joke or what, but it sounds serious). When I meet him in school, he's a little like half-zombie state. He says he couldnt concentrate well in the exams, making him felt miserable.
CW just told me, Sun Hua will eventually get into good educational institutions regardless of his SPM result, well this fact I've to wait few more years to verify it.

Exam's coming to the end soon, rest well those sickies out there, and enjoy the days after the exams. :D

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  1. I've been coughing like in every exams, I bet it's kinda annoying until the invigilator might think I'm sending out "signals" or something..LOL, anyway i bet everyone will recover once the exams are over. I'm sure. :P