02 December 2006

SPM 4 - Lethal Industries

This week, is the scariest period of the entire exam, well from Science class' perspective.
Tues ~ Fri we've exams non-stop, those subjects are important and we dont really have much time to prepare for the next subject, so it's a big challenge for us.

Add Math papers, one of my feared subject. I've tried my best to do this paper, but in the end I left out 5 questions from the 2 papers. Thankfully I've manage to finish up the most important Part C in paper 2, I guess I can salvage at least 10 pts from there.
I got a feeling I might get at least 3B?

Physics paper, another feared subject. Well, if I manage to score A for this subject, I consider myself be very lucky because I really didnt put in much effort to study this. My worst science subject of all 3. Anyway, the Phyz paper isnt very hard I guess, manage to complete almost all the questions except 1 essay and 1 structure, oh well.

Chemistry paper, my favourite subject in all 3 science subjects. Unfortunately, I've underestimate this paper. Everyone were shocked when they see the first question of paper 2, ask us bout traditional herb, ginger. Past year papers always set periodic table as 1st question, but this year there's no periodic table and all the questions asked are unpopular topics. Hot topics like salt didnt came out that much, craps. :S
I guess I can book in 2A for this?

Moral, the subject I hate the most. I only read some of the moral values about 1 hour before exam starts. Depends on how the teacher mark my paper, my grade is uncertain, but I'm confident at least, 3B. :)

Phew, that round up this week's exams. I still have 2 more subjects to go, while some friends are starting to enjoy since Monday's the last paper, Bio. For me, I still have Bio & Geo. After Tuesday noon, I'll be free from the evil exams! :D

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