07 December 2006

SPM 5 - Grande Finale

The last 2 subjects, Biology and Geography, both are my favourite subjects. It's fun to have the last 2 subjects set together, and at the very last moment of the whole SPM exam(well in my case).

Biology, paper 1 is easier than previous years, after I've checked all the past year questions. Well paper 2, killer paper. Some of the questions are different than the normal ones, like the whole diagram from DNA -> RNA -> Ribosome -> Protein -> Enzyme. Phew~ that isnt an easy question. :S
The essay part own me badly. Crap, nutrition of a papaya tree, a rabbit and a cow? And explain the rabbit and cow's digestion system? Sheez, I completely miss this topic while doing revision, arghh!!
Well at least, paper 3 still ok, lots of osmosis stuff going on.

For many Science students, Monday after Biology is the last paper. Everyone went crazy after the last paper is collected. Good for them, I've to stand the stress for the next day's Geo paper.

Before this I didnt really bother much bout Geo, until Chun Meng the professor phone and ask me bout my preparation for Geo. He's too nervous to face the subject, saying he prepared all the other subjects except for Geo, and he ended up study Geo from 6pm to 2am that day, before the exam on the next day, crazy....

Our school only have 6 candidates sitting for Geography paper. Paper 1 Geo, after discuss with Ms Lee, I guess I can get 35/40 for that paper. :D
Paper 2, not so bad, manage to finish all the questions including the essays. Hmm.... Hopefully I can score A for this. :D

After finishing all the papers, I'm officially declared free from school exams!!! :D
Later on I approach Ms Lee and get some advise from her bout further studies in Geo part. She told me there's lots of things I can apply from the skills I learnt in Geo on my 1st choice course, Sociology that is. Last year I planned to take Geo because I felt that this subject somehow can help me a little and as a basic for Sociology course I wanted to take in the future. I guess I'm not doing the wrong decision this time.

Ms Lee's being very polite and friendly this time, really, the best ever. She say she'll keep in touch with me if she got a project on hand, and I can learn from the pros how to handle a civil engineering project. Sounds complicated huh.

Anways what's done is done, right now I've nothing to regret bout the mistakes I've done during the exam, it's too late to change it. So.... what I've to do now is to enjoy all the free time and wait til I've something else to do. XD

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