07 December 2006

SPM 2006 Conclusion

Results I predicted for myself:

  • Never trust 100% on tips, no matter how you trusted the teacher so well.
  • Concentrate in classroom did pay off.
  • Try not to memorize topics, it'll only confuse you during the exam. Understand the concept is more important than memorizing.
  • You dont need to study HARD, but you've to study SMART.
  • Questions in the real exam differs from the questions you read elsewhere.
  • The questions can be easy or hard, depending on your ability.
  • It's hard to score 1A, but it's even harder to fail the subject if you've write something on the paper, as long as it's relevant to the subject you're taking.
  • Relax, the exam isnt that freaky, if you've used to the normal exams in school.
  • Do not look down at teachers, they're helping you secretly eventhough they doesnt look friendly or pleasant in front of students.

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