21 December 2006

Khye Liang's party

* Last post before I leave my house to KLIA.

Fortunately I was able to attend this party because the place is just within walking distance from my house. What makes this party better is, many friends are coming too, which build up the great atmosphere among us.

I've met few old friends, Daniel & Wei Jian who're pros in basketball(not me, I'm football!). Because many friends are having their own business now, it isnt easy to make a gathering with lots of friends attend, so I think this party is a success, in terms of gathering friends together.

We plan to do a BBQ, but to build up the BBQ fire was a task for us, and when we're able to heat up the coals, rain starts to fall, duh! Anyhow, rain doesnt affect the BBQ as well. I've phobia of eating BBQ chickens, because in the last BBQ I attended, the meat wasnt fully cooked and the next day something upsets my stomach. :\

Too bad, only 1 person bring camera go but in the end took 0 pics. Sigh....

I've to leave the place earlier, because I've to come back earlier to do final preparation before going to KLIA. They still party at the field, and they maybe will perform a "ritual" in the school, especially this gang of people, that is "bang tree" 撞树. Missed this last chance of watching "live show", gonna miss it lol.

I'm so lucky able to attend another gathering party before I leave KL. So happy to see everyone's around again. I'm satisfied with everything now, if anything happens, at least, I'm happy with what I've experience til now. :)

I guess that's it, farewell people, meet me back on the 26 of Dec! :D

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