20 December 2006

Away: 21 - 26 Dec.

Where I'll go this time? Refer to this post.

Next week when I get back, gonna prepare for a mailbox boom.

If anyone has anything important want to inform me, you can sms/call me at
+6017 3636 026.

* Be warned, if you call me the surcharge will apply on international call rates because I'm not using local telco service(Maxis), so it's wiser to send sms to me. ;)

Good day everyone, and Merry Christmas. :D

1 comment:

  1. Yo man... yeah though the weather wasn't that great but indeed we had a great time... Yo man.. take care keep in touch ... And one more thing .. you must have faith in ur "brothers" that one day the tree banging ceremony will appeared again someday later haha.a... peace man
    God Bless