19 November 2006

When planning goes wrong....

It's 2am in the morning, I should've be sleeping by now, but I still have to write something things happened lately. I've been planning the class trip recently, discussing with some classmates together.

Our destination is Melaka's Afamosa resort. But not everyone from the class are going together. Janice and her gang are planning to go there by themselves with their own plan, but at a point they decided to join the entire class gang because Ricky's fake promise of a wonderful accommodation, ball and so on. I'm glad that more people in the class are going with us.

But then, we hardly can make a decision together. Saturday night, I discussed this issue with Vinc, Janice & Miki. Janice and Miki are their group's representatives while me and Vinc represent the other classmates.

Upon discussing the whole plan, Miki has her own plan, she's trying to ask us follow her plan, as I know that her "bf" can help us arrange the plan. I of course reject the plan, because this trip doesnt really bother her bf, why he must involve?

In the end we came up with 2 plans.
  • Old plan, Afamosa 2D1N, RM 160+.
  • Melaka tour, 3D2N, price unconfirmed.

    Because these 2 choices, I've been temporarily blur at times. This make Vinc unhappy and threaten to halt the planning and call it off the trip. He's frustrated that none of us finally make a decision to settle with the other classmates.

    What I'm thinking is that, we've choices, so we ask everyone's opinion, which is better? Of course, I've to keep in mind that right now is the exam season, a major exam, some people wouldnt really bother bout other things than doing last minute revision or so. It is not as easy as I think to get everyone's attention in the class.

    Vinc have his own reason to backup his frustration. I've gotta thank him for some advises he gave me, if not I guess I'll still be blur now. Really, planning a trip isnt as easy as we think. Another lesson for me.

    So in the end, Janice's group says that they want be seperated again from the whole class again. Their group represents 1/4 of the class, while I couldnt confirm that the other 3/4 classmates will join us for the trip, so it's kinda complicated to make a decision.

    I've to make phone call to the Afamosa's staff to confirm the prices and get info. You know, although my communication skills have improved alot since my primary years, but then I'll still face a little prob while talking on the phone, especially bout important issues. I've tried to overcome the weakness everytime I call the staff. A little struggle within myself.

    Right, so we decided to ask teachers come along with us. Ms Lim, last year's form teacher isnt free on that period, oh well. Ms Nee, Phyz still havent decide whether she want to join or not. Monday I'll try ask Ms Siah, current form teacher. Vinc also suggested we ask Ms Santhi, our Eng teacher last year, to join us too. I'll only bother to ask Ms Siah, let the others settle contact other teachers.

    No matter what's the outcome, it's best to confirm everything within next week. The number of people going, the expenses, the transports, the food, etc!!

    Although for me this time the exam season is not as exciting as the previous exam, but then I still need some of my time to do revision to.....

    I rarely encounter things that can upset me greatly, I've been very patience to deal with unhappy classmates during the discussion. Sigh.... one of the reason I dont really felt for my class is because everyone is too lazy to bother things, we're not united enough like the other classes.
    Our class can outdo many classes out there IF we felt like being a part of a big family, do things all together, like S2....

    Some maybe will label me as a traitor or so, but if all the planning goes from bad to the worst, then I might jump over the boat and head to S2. I've asked them to reserve a place for me IF there's anything wrong with my class trip. I rather follow them because they've the unity my class doesnt have, and I felt much playful with them than in my own class.
    And yes, I've an agenda too.... S2s should know what's happening then.

    1. Don't allow these minor upsets derail your main objectives of doing well in your exams......

    2. hoho...
      since you are in this class.. you should try to search for the happiness that you can get from it..
      however how bad is it, it will still have minor good thing that you haven found it out,is it?
      take it easy, man..