19 November 2006

Parents, sweat....

I've been telling them that I've my own plan to do from 11 Dec ~15 Dec that range, I'm occupied with my own plans. But they still try to persuade me follow them for a China tour starting from 15 Dec for 9 days, arghh.... Conflict!!
Of course, I dont want my parents guess what I'm up to, because I havent really confirm whether the plan will be working or not.

My class trip is planned around 12 Dec~13 Dec, I know it's not clashing with my parent's plan, but then I need my own time do my own things, isnt it? S2's going around 14 Dec btw, so I've also have to consider the schedule too.

And, I dislike my parents touch the topic bout "another gender" issue, I'm ok with them for most of the issues except for this. I dont want they know what's going on with me regarding this issue. I just felt uneasy when they talk bout this.

Why I want to write this? Is because parents are asking me bout the trip and I couldnt answer them clearly, I just tell them havent confirm the whole plan, cant talk bout it so soon yet. Plus, right now I'm preparing for my tomorrow's paper, BM & History.

Right, I guess that's the end of my rants.

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