09 November 2006

Last day in school

For me, today is the official last day of my school life.

This might be the last time I went to school as a student, turning out in the classroom prepare to wait teacher to teach.

Nowdays teachers no longer teach us, just let us have our free time do our own stuff, mainly revision.

Today, I went to school for 3 businesses. First, get the school magazine. Second and third, settle my certificates and result verification. I only have to wait for the 1st business to come over me, but the 3rd business is giving me a tough time today.

I have to run errands for myself and the class to get teachers verify our result papers, a document that is required to enroll in local college. A teacher, 3A is not willing to do the paperwork fast enough, have to wait her bout 2 hours to complete the 30 papers work, which other teachers can finish it within 15 mins. But I'm glad that I manage to hand in all the certs and results in time, if not I can only settle it next week during the exam.

I want to talk something about the school magazine I received today. Please have a look at the cover....

Comparison, 06 & 05

The new school magz is on the left, while last year's on the right. My first impression for the new magz is, what the crap?!? The color looks so dull and outdated, plus the cover art is too plain!!
Compare to last year, ChinWei or YongFei's work(cant remember which one from them made the cover), a brilliant masterpiece. This year's cover looks like a simple photoshop edit, plus few minor make up.

Well they say dont judge the book from it's cover, let's browse through the contents. Overall, the school magz is still following previous magz' format, the only difference is the "touch" in the design & content arrangement.

One of the most important content in the magz is the coverage of the activities the school have done in this year. If I compare the section with last year's section, the main difference is with the layout, this year's design is not so good, really.

Why I'm complaining so much? It's because I happened to in charge of this part last year, along with with the other 2 friends mentioned above. Our apprentice, Chee Liang, apparently rely on teacher's idea too much, so couldnt work out his own creativity to create a better design. Oh well, now I grumble also no use, the book is out, this is the end product.

I guess the school also acknowledge this problem, so starting from next year they'll run a competition for the school magz cover design competition. Whoever in the school can participate in this competition, to choose out the best design for next year's school magz cover.

Sheez, do I sound like the old Tun Mahathir who talks something bad bout his apprentice? Hahah, maybe I've also somehow influenced by his recent actions, so makes me have so many things to say bout my juniors. I'm getting older alrdy....

By the way, exam starts next Wed, I can see some friends dont have mood to study, but prefer to hang around with friends. No sign of panic or nervous, I'm one of them too, heheh....

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