09 November 2006

Class trip planning

We've to do this before the exam starts, if not we dont have the mood to do so during the exams.

My class, S3, sadly to say, most of the time is not cooperate enough, we hardly can make decisions within a short period of time. We have to go through every small groups ask for their suggestions and comments, then only can make a final decision, which is disappointing most of the time.

Now this time we're planning our final trip together. There's been suggestions for places that we might consider to go. The suggestions are:
Genting Highlands

A'famosa Resort

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Basically I prefer the later two, because I know Genting will be crowded, and it's just about 45 mins away from our home, consider quite near. The other two, located at further part of Malaysia. Afamosa resort is near Melaka & Negri Sembilan, while Bkt Merah is near Taiping, in Perak.

Last year I missed the trip to Afamosa, so I guess I can compensate myself this time. On the other hand, the next class, S2 is planning to goto Bkt Merah resort. They've almost completed their planning, just final confirmation and they're set to go there to enjoy.

We've planned to go there with them, so we can reduce the transport cost(they hire a bus). Overall budget is around RM 200, according to S2's planner.

As for my class, we either choose to go Afamosa ourselves, or go Bkt Merah with S2. Some classmates doesnt fell comfortable to go with S2 is because they say this is class trip, suppose to be with our own classmates only, not with other people. I think there's not much problems with both class go together, since we basically know everyone(for my class, but not for other passive classmates). It'll be more fun if we've more people, right?

We only make our enquiries these few days. I guess someone have to sacrifice abit to do all the contacts and gather infos, gotta thank Toh Wai for helping me out to gather infos.

IF.... my class' school trip cannot be worked out, then I might be a somebody that will join S2's trip there, if things gone from good to bad. Some say I maybe have some agenda there, but what I think is to relax and enjoy with friends. I can get along easily with friends in S2 as well as my S3 classmates, I can make my own choices.

A'famosa might be nice, but if really want to relax, I'd prefer Bkt Merah, a closer approach to the nature, compare to A'famosa's urban theme park & all the activities going on. Youngsters might want to have some exciting games out there to enjoy, but I guess spend a quiet time in a lake resort arent that bad either. Perhaps my thinking is getting older huh?

The budget on A'famosa will rely on the reply I get from A'famosa's representatives. I'd prefer to go for the cheaper ones, the trip to Bkt Merah looks promising to me. I still have to remember that I'm making decision for the whole class, not just only for myself, only if things couldnt work out.

If anyone interested, you can view the letter I sent here, to the representatives of the Afamosa resort.
I hope I can get reply from them as soon as possible.

P/S: These few days I've got lots of things to write, before the exam interrupts my daily routine.

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