01 November 2006

Introducing my friends (Part I)

Hahah, it was a fun graduation day for us Form 5 students of Chong Hwa. Things bout the event will be written later, not now. But for now, I'll introduce to you some of my friends in school.

* This can be a very long post.... comes with lots of pics to load.
Photos are loaded up here.

  • Not friend, but school's boss, the principal Mr Chu.
    Principal & me

  • S4 & S5 "bang tree" gang. Their specialty is to pull victim and hit the tree on their groin. Ouch!
    S4 & S5 gangs

  • Han Xin, the head prefect. My classmate from F1 & F3, a great character, nominated the role model award for F5. She's a "ginger".
    CLF & head prefect

  • E5 girls. Hui Ing, Chi & Ejuan. These girls can be totally crazy when they're very high.
    CLF + Hi3.

  • The bosses. Ex-president/chairperson of certain organisations.
    The big bosses

  • Mr police Siu Cheng, my primary schoolmate too. One of the most successful guy from the primary school, being one of the best in Econ classes, in terms of personality.
    Me and mr police

  • Crazy classmates Hui Fen & Pui Teng. Likes to curse ppl "go die lar".

  • Ex-classmates from F3, Hui Koon & Lih Yeh. Lih Yeh just got 2nd best result award in Econ class, nice one.
    F3 classmates

  • S2's most noisy girls, Cat & Karen.
    Me & S2 queens

  • Big Yeo, the big size but soft hearted guy. My F3 classmate.
    Me and big Yeo

  • Classmates, May Chee, Sam(behind me) and Xiung. Very friendly people, always joke around.

  • Computer games gangs from S5. Great friends, very pro in games like DoTA(but I dont join the game).
    S5 game gangs

  • S2 monitor Chuan Boon. Knew him since 9 yrs old til now, quite long isnt it?
    S2 & S3 monitors

  • Wen Xin. Knew her for 10 years alrdy since primary standard 1, hahah.
    CLF & Wen Xin

    I guess that's all for now, Part II will be here if there's more photos available out there
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