31 October 2006

Hardware malfunction

Thankfully it's only problems for minor hardwares. I have to change my mouse and earphone once or twice every year. I think it must be overworked, as you can see I'm using the computer average 4~6 hours or more daily.

The problem I had with the mouse is the left-click button will be useless after a period of time. They say I pressed the mouse too hard most of the time and ended up like this. I think this make sense, even for anyone out there too. When playing game, you'll easily can excited and wanted to press the mouse button as hard as you can, isnt it?
The latest victim of the mouse is an old school roller ball mouse. Ironically, the mouse's cable was bitten by a real mouse, so it become completely useless straight away, no cure.

I've been using earphone for years, the speaker came with the computer set is causing some more issues over my computer because of it's high voltage usage. It consume too much energy compare to a earphone. Moreover, earphone delivers better sound quality and it wouldnt disturb anyone around.

The problem for earphone is that when time goes on, the stereo headphone will eventually become mono. I dunno what happened, but usually one side of the earphone will be dead, I had to set my audio settings to mono, which affect the sound quality greatly.

Thankfully, my sisters can help me to replace those 2 hardwares as they can get cheaper price there compare to here in Malaysia. Many people know that getting stuff in China is cheap.
The only drawback is I've to wait for them to come back to get those stuffs in hand, they come back twice a year though. I guess the next batch of "stock" will arrive in next January. Hmm....

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