13 October 2006

Trial exam result

Here's my overall trial exam's result. Mmm... it seems that the gov's standard are set lower than the school's standard, and the grades are mess up abit due to the double standard for our result.

I sitl have to fix my Add Math badly, realy.... the lowest mark of all the subjects. As for Moral, I dont bother it, let it be, do or die.
I just hope that I can get A for the 3 science subjects in the end.

Update: Geo scored 66, grade 3B in school, 2A in gov standard.


  1. good job! i've screwed up mine..

  2. i juz type a key word 'spm' n got to ur blog.

    haha, add maths also my weakest sub in trial.

  3. Yo, good job dude... Just keep up the good work.

  4. wahlau!! what happen to you a?? ur add maths so bad 1?? i tot u can score A for it ler...!! have to brush up liao lor....

  5. add math, u sure get A1 or A2 de...
    cos my teacher say 7 mark can pass oso.because more ppl take 20++marks,so tat can pull down the marks.now u get 60++ can get A lah!

  6. lolZZZ 60++ can get an A? dont put too much confidence in yourself la, weirdo

    im glad that my results improved except for add. maths. have a nice day pal