14 October 2006

Football boots starting to eat grass

Weird title 'eh? Sigh.... today while playing the game, I notice that the right boot is starting to tearing itself apart. The part where I usually hit the ball is worn, making a hole in the boot.

Although it's still ok to continue playing under this condition, but I've lost the feel when kicking a ball. I've lost the touch of controling the ball too. Bad news.

This boot is just 1 year old, I got it last October, now I've to replace it.... sigh....

Anyhow, I'm thinking of getting a replacement for the boot. I dont think I'll get it very soon, probably will get it next year, waiting the boots' prices drop. :P

I'm considering these 2 boots.

Adidas Predator Absolute Gold/Black.

Nike Air Legend Grey/Black.

1 comment:

  1. The legends are probably more comfy but the predators will last longer. I'd go for the legends just for the price and for the feel.