01 October 2006

SPM issue 1 - Chemistry and +Math

Today attended the last SPM seminar for Chemistry and +Math. It's kinda earlier than any other tuition centre out there. Many students are attending the seminars to get the "leaked" questions like they got for their trial, well this time things are more serious then.

Remember, trial exam can be leaked easily because the security measurement isnt that tight, no one will be charged for leaked questions. Many tuition centre boasting they have the questions for the SPM on Nov, but the fact is, that is just one of the business tricks tuition centre are doing.

I, just like everyone else, are tempted by the so-call leaked tips. But then I learn that I cant rely 100% on the tips, it is dangerous. For trial, it's stil acceptable but for the REAL SPM, that's not a game.

Right, back to the main topic. Chemistry and Add Math, I like both subjects, but my result for both subjects arent satisfying.

Let's talk about Chemistry. Hmm... this year's hot topic would be:

  • Electrochemistry chapter(electrolysis + chem cell) mix with redox reaction(oxidation & reduction)
  • Difference of ionic and covalen structure.
  • Alcohol to other carbon compounds(alkene, carboxilic acid & ester).
  • Soluble and unsoluble salt preparation.
  • Periodic Table Group 1 & 17.
  • Glass & ceramic.
  • Exothermic heat(neutralization & burning).
  • Soap(saponification) & detergent.

    These are the important topics I recieved today. Of course there's stil some other possible questions out there, because the tips can only be taken as 30% of the real SPM paper.

    As for Add Math, although the topics are limited to the few subjects, but all of them can be questioned in a very different style than the normal questions we did in the exercises.

    To be honest, I'm not good in complicated calculus(derivatie especially), quadratic equations, vector and so on. Sometimes I can do but sometimes I've terrible time to deal with it.

    But then, my +Math isnt too bad after all. My better topics in +Math would be logarithm, trigonometry & linear equation.

    The trial exam's +Math is hard, I hope the real SPM paper wouldnt be too tough for me, at least, I can get a B for it. :)

    My year is the last year where all the science subjects and math subjects are thought in Malay, my juniors are learning all these in Eng now. If really desperate want to understand these info, translate it into any readable language at your own choice.

    P/S: The info above are based on the seminar I attented, but doesnt mean it will come out for sure in the real exam. I repeat, these tips serve as 30% for the entire paper. The rest 70% will have to rely on our own....

    Btw this is post no. 899 for this blog, 1 more to 900, and another 101 to the 1000th post of this entire blog. :D

    1. Hello dude,

      Thanks for sharing the hints!
      By the way, actually +math is aint that difficult. I realised it after i done a lot of exercises and ask for tutorial.

      Now we have 42 days remaining, just spend 2-3 days doing bout 4 model test and i bet you'll have a big comeback to get an 1A.

    2. de tips seem very similar wif trial paper.