08 September 2006

A little unfamiliar

Although I didnt attend the school lesson for just 2 days, I felt things and people changed when I'm back in school. The Geo seminar is a very good opputurnity to revise the subject and experience a different environment. However, the seminar was spoilt by Ms Lee, the evil teacher-in-charge.

Having her in company in a taxi is a very terrible experience, she keeps on ranting and complain all bout students, teachers, school and so on, is like she's the only person who're right in every decison she made. Crap.
She even "thaught" us to do public relationship, is like we know nothing about that. If I really want to learn PR, I'll rather learn it from someone who holds degree in this subject.... She's just a beatch.

Thankfully I did not miss much what the teacher had thought in the school, some of them are rushing to finish the subject before the trial starts next week. Me? I've prepared a little for next week's exam, but no for the other week's yet.

Tomorrow stil have to attend a replacement class for school, not much time left to revise everything.....

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