06 September 2006

Geo SPM Seminar

It is a useful, and yet boring seminar to be. I felt very tired attend the seminar, although the time is from 8am to 4pm, with interval breaks. Still, I prefer goto school to attend the seminar. I couldnt get too use to the environment there, maybe first time study with so many Malay students? Well I must say the Malay friends I met there are very friendly.

Anyway, now I got the confident of striking A for Geo. :D

The seminar is held at Pusat Sumber Pendidikan Negeri, located at Bandar Seri Permaisuri, somewhere near south-eastern of KL(my activity area is around north-eastern). 30 mins journey with taxi.

Tomorrow's still got another day seminar, dunno how can I deal with it, trial for Geo is next Monday and then Tues Chinese paper..... dreadful.

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