03 September 2006

Happy Hour Saturday

Ystrdy is a different Saturday than usual, I had another extra tuition class and also attended a concert in school.

It's been weeks since I last saw the Chem teacher, Mr Praga. Learnt about chemicals for consumer, which divided into 4 parts, soap, detergent, food processing, & medicine. Covered food processing and medicine part, very interesting facts of chemicals.
This lesson is not just for chemistry, but it's also useful knowledge in our life. Nowdays almost 90% of the food we eat are processed food, which added various chemicals for some specific purposes. Well, processed food has risk of causing health problem, anyone knows that, I think we're getting more difficult to eat chemical-free food.
Eat at your own risk, that's why I think about, or you prefer eat first, die later? :P

After tuition, ate my lunch and I've nothing to do for 2 hours, before the school concert starts. I ended up playing in cyber cafe for 1 hour(cost RM1.50, price dropped). I'm impress with the graphics in FIFA 2006 and World Cup 2006 game, very smooth if compare to the FIFA 2k5 I'm playing now.

Walk to school and join my friends from S2 around 1.45pm, grabbed nice seats and waiting the concert starts. The concert titled "Steps to The Rhythm 中华乐之三部曲", organised by school's Guitar Club. Today's finalist are mostly my friends, so I'm supporting everyone of them.
Oh btw, there's 2 categories in this concert, solo and duet.

It's a really enjoyable concert, everyone's having great time for the performance and the judges' joking comments. Most of my friends manage to qualify for the final round, the climax of the entire concert.

Willie, the future star and school idol grabbed the best performance award, with the prize of a guitar. I like his singing, but I think he's not performing very well this time, lack of something essential to prove his talent.

Irene grabbed the popularity award, of course. She got lots of fans and her singing stunned the judges as well. She sang "If I aint got you", just like American singer, Mariah Carey & Whitney Houstan. It's just so wonderful, I think she deserves the best performance.

The best duet award goes to Chi Meng and Pui Kuan, two prefect friends of mine. Both of them sang together very well, the best performance so far in the concert. Their finale song, "Coral Sea 珊瑚海" is simply amazing!! Kudos to both of them, they really deserve the award.
Chi Meng & Pui Kuan
They're just like couples, isnt it? :P

I'll try to get more photos from another friend, Chin Wei, he's recorded the concert with her cam and hopefully he can process the media and send to me so I can post it here. :)

Some photos from Chin Wei. I wasnt in the pic because I've left the school at that time.

ChinWei, Irene, Chia May, Karen & Pui Kuan.

F5 gangs.

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