02 September 2006


2nd sis went back to Shanghai last night, ending her 1 month summer holiday here. She and my elder sis are stalking in my blog, and 2nd sis did leave a comment at the chatterbox on the right side(named "ur sis").
Yeah, now both of them are back in China, their net are protected under the "Great Firewall of China", so they couldnt access into this Blogger/Blog*Spot blog. :D

Will keep on blog things as soon as possible like normal days, today's an interesting day for me, will write about it soon!! Stay tune!! :D

I dont want them to know something too private about my life, you see.... and the other family members as well, so that's why recently my blogpost are more to public life instead of my own private stuff. Sometimes I just dont like having any family members tried to manipulate my thoughts.

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