18 August 2006

1 week break

I've absoluetly no idea how come there's a week's break for students, well actually it's a bonus holiday for everyone in order to prepare for the independence day on the 31st of Aug.

Some teachers are giving us holiday exercises, not a big deal, I think I can finish it pretty fast.
Hmm.... just because I didnt bring a book, I earn myself a "nice advise" from Ms Siah. Arghh... I've finish the work but because I rarely use that book, I ended up keep that book into my shelf and forgotten to pass it up. I was dumbfounded when I saw the book kept nicely on the bookshelf, no idea how come I'll keep the book in the shelf instead of putting it into the beg so I dont have to be embaressed infront of the class. Crap.

Discussed Maxis CyberlinQ Community Project with some friends, lots of brilliant ideas, but too bad we're short of time, tomorrow's the closing date for proposals. If we got this news 1 week earlier, we've alrdy waiting to collect the grand prize... RM 7000. Glory and money, who wouldnt be tempted by these prize? I really like the concept of a community project.

Tomorrow's the usual football session at the field behind a cemetery, but I think the ground should be wet and slippery because of the afternoon rain today.

That's all for now, gonna start doing those holiday homeworks now. ;)

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