06 July 2006

World Cup, sigh...

I'm kinda disappointed with this World Cup.

My favourite team Brazil has been knock out, oh well. Champions one day would fall, too, like anyone else. No more beautiful football in the tournament.

The Dutch's out, the so-called European Brazil were given ticket back to Holland by the Portugese. Tough game, another record-breaking action happen in this World Cup with so many cards shown.

No problem for England being knock out. When Rooney was shown red, I knew the English wouldnt be qualifying the next round. Their penalties are terrible, star players are having lots of pressure and missed the penalty. Lampard, Gerrard.... oh well.

Germany, their home advantage doesnt help much, as they were destroyed by the Italians. Scored 2 late late goals near the end of extra time, no chance for a Germany blitz.

Portugal VS France. Possibily the last match for one of the best player in the world, Zidane and Figo. This time Zidane's France advance to the finale of the whole game. Portugal's playing well this time, but too bad they're unlucky this time. Both teams are great in the tournament.

The final? Italy VS France. Personally I've favouring the French but for some reasons, I felt Italians might lift up the Cup of Life this time.

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