07 July 2006

Enjoyful week

This week seems to be one of the best week I'd ever had in the school for the past 5 years. I dunno why I had this feeling, everything is just nice, too good to be real.

One of the main factor is maybe, I have one of the best football game ever during Wed's physical edu lesson.
Fevernova and Aerow 90.
Yea, I played football. I've manage to score a hat-trick(3 goals) just in one game. Heh, it's really a pleassure playing good game with bunch of friends who're also crazy about football!

Talk about football, my friend Chin Wei got himself injured because he said something wrong while steping on a ball. He said, "It's dangerous to play here." and then he tripped himself fall down landing on the ground with his right arm.
Now he's injured and will be missing in action for 2 weeks.
His MSN display pic.

I dunno I should be laughing or what, but this is something unusual happened just like that.

I enjoyed every lessons I've learnt in this entire week. I can digest everything the teacher said. It's a good sign, I can really fully-concentrate in the class now.
This is important because I'm having exam soon, concentration in the class is crucial.

Today, participated the school's typing speed competition. If things went well, I'm on the Top 10 of the list, possibily Top 3, which the prizes are tempting.
I've lost to my friends Chen Leong. It's just a game, so I dont really bother the result too much. As long as I'm one of the top, I'm satisfied with that. ;)

Well, there's still sad news when there's good news. My last year's English teacher, Ms Santhi will be leaving the school soon. I heard she's gonna teach in a college or some sort of faculty.
Last week Ms Lim, last year's form teacher had just resign her job as a teacher, and now it Santhi's turn.
Sigh... All the good teachers are leaving the school, maybe Mdm Chek PC is right, being a teacher isnt an easy task, it's full of pressure. Rumour says that Mr Morthy, my last year's physical edu teacher are leaving too.

This weekend going to have seminar for the preparation of SPM, the damned exam. 4 hours of revision.
It's 2 months to go for the trial exam, and 4 months to go for the real exam.....


  1. yea, you are right. mr morthy is leaving too. if not mistaken will be around august. he will be transfered to a teaching college too.

  2. Sigh.... too bad those leavings are good teachers....