14 July 2006

World Cup 2006 meme

Golden Teamgeist

Your Best worldcup experience?
Lots of high quality goals in this World Cup, lots of long range shots, the best of football!

The best match?
Brazil 4-1 Japan. The sambas' are dancing on the field!! Great goal by Ronaldo!

You’re favorite chant?
"Celebrate the day!!", World Cup 2006 theme song sang by Herbert Gronemeyer.

Most beatiful jersey?
The German's away jersey. Unfortunately in this World Cup they didnt wear this kit.

Champion of the hearts?
The Samba, Brazil. The masters of beautiful game.

Most favorite player?
Miroslav Klose - Being admiring him since World Cup 2002. Because of him I train myself to head the ball better.

Ronaldo - One of the best strikers in the history of football. Faced troubles at the earlier stages and manage to score few goals to rewrite the history of football.

Best moment on TV?
First match of the game, Germany VS Costa Rica. Lots of goals scored as I stuck myself with the TV.

Worst moment on TV?
Penalty-shootouts. The usual 90 mins game usually will last until 1am local time but if there's penalties the game will be delayed til 1.40am, have to sacrifice sleeping time.

Did you enjoy it?
At first, yes. But after Brazil had been knock out by France, I've lost interest for the game.
There's lots of ugly scenes in this World Cup, especially the Zidane headbutt.

And now?
I still love the game, good thing is more friends are driven to play football, everyone's enjoying and addicted to the game.
No matter before or after the World Cup, more and more people fall in love with football!!! :D

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