14 July 2006

Friday, unleash the DEVIL!!

Yea!! It's Friday again!! Weekend is just around the corner, it's time to unleash the devil in me!!

As usual, my game is football. Today's game is unusual than before, today we're playing on the field, Form 5s VS Form 3s. Playing with this ball, the Teamgeist replique.
Imagine having a football game under the 1pm hot sun.... it's a very tiring game as everyone get exhausted quickly. My stamina is not that good but I've manage to complete the whole game until the ball was kicked out by some Beckham-wannabe boys.

Although the World Cup is over, but in the school our own Cup is just beginning, more and more students will be playing football.
Tomorrow I've another Saturday morning football game with schoolmates, the game will be joined by some of the schoolmates that rarely kick a ball. Let's see how well they'll perform tomorrow.

My boots, Predator Pulsado

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