29 July 2006

Something happening.

Sis returned, lots of things going on nowdays. We've to take turns to online because there's some problem to setup a network. So I wont be online so often these few days.

Since they're back here, I guess I've lost some of my communication systems with others out there. Example, no handphone, no MSN, no...... aik just that I felt it's hard to contact others whenever my sis' around. :
Things in the school are going pretty well. So far I think there's not much problem for me in studies. I feel SPM is gonna be easier than I expected. Take it easy~

I've change my mind regarding the NS program. I think I should consider myself as lucky and worthy to be selected to join the program. Only the 'elites' are chosen to join the program, heheh....

Tonight going to watch a concert with them, somewhere at Shah Alam. Might write about it later tonight. It'll gonna be a great night....

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