26 July 2006


Last night elder sis came back safe and sound, and of course lots of goodies for me. :P

Today seems to be a little unlucky for me. It rains when I want to goto school and tuition. Oh well, a little rain doesnt affect me that much, somehow I did enjoy walking in the rain. :D

I've recieved my SPM exam timetable. 15 Nov ~ 5 Dec, but actually I only had exam for 11 days(+1 day for my extra Geo). It's shorter than I expected, good.

Again, lots of teachers are absent today. Spent those time revise Phyz & Math. Study these 2 subjects make me dizzy..... couldnt concentrate for too long time.

After school stayback for Geo class. Finally today finished F5 Geo. Now what we're going to do is exercises....

Well, sis're back, reunion at last. Have to spend more time to "mess" with them.

Tomorrow is a little different than usual. Sheez, dental appointment again. I hope I can take off my braces as soon as possible!!!

P/S: Gotta thank sis for the new earphone she bought for me. Havent enjoy listen music in such clear sound for some time alrdy!

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