11 July 2006

Future Studies

Today the school's counselling club invited representatives from colleges and universities for an exhibition about further studies for students. It's my last year in the school, I've to make a decision on where I'll be going next year.

My aim is social science subjects, somewhat related to sociology(社会学). So far, only 2 universities have the course, which is UTAR and Curtin.

I'm not quite clear with the UTAR options, but at least I'm confident with Curtin.
The reason why I prefer Curtin is because family supports me to study in Curtin, we've contacts in Miri and Perth, where the 2 campus of Curtin are located.

If I cant get into Curtin, I might still have chance to study Tourism & Hotel Management at The Mines.
If that option failed, then I might end up being a F6 student in the same school where I'm studying right now, and have to take the STPM exam for the next year.

I really have to do well in this studies, because everyone around me is looking foward me and my sisters to be those 'elites'. My sisters are doing well in their studies lately, but not for me.

Elder sis CLY just graduated from Peking University. She just got a job over there.
CLY graduation
2nd sis, CLH's still studying her museumlogy in Fudan University.

Many ask me whether I'll follow my sisters further my studies at China, I reply then with a "No". I dont really like the environment over there, it's too populated and I just cant really get use to it to be in a 99.99% "chinese land".

Whatever place I'm considering right now, all of the entry requirement are based on the SPM result. If I want to make it into those colleges or universities, I'll have to work harder from now then...

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